Nice to meet you.
I am Baek Sung-hyeon, Mayor of Nonsan City, Republic of Korea.

Nonsan City’s excellent agricultural products explore the world.

Nonsan City is the first local government in Korea to hold a festival under the theme of “2024 Nonsan Strawberry Festival in Bangkok” at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand for three days from February 14th to 16th.
During the event, excellent agricultural products including strawberries, shine muskets, ginseng, pears, salted fish, sweet potatoes, and dried persimmons will be showcased.

This Festival, which will be held with the active cooperation of Bangkok(BMA), Thailand, will create a new milestone between Thailand and Korea through extensive exchanges in the agricultural as well as cultural fields between Nonsan and Bangkok.

The success of this event will be a great foundation for successfully leading the 2027 Nonsan World Strawberry Industry Expo, which Nonsan City is ambitiously preparing for.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Korea, Nonsan citizens, tourists from all over the world who visit Bangkok and our overseas compatriots,
We ask for your support and interest in the event prepared by Nonsan City.

“Army Sergeant”, an excellent agricultural product brand name from Nonsan, is finally heading overseas to meet people from all over the world beyond Korea.

I hope you love Nonsan city and Nonsan strawberry a lot.

thank you



On behalf of the people of Bangkok and the Bangkok Metropolitan
Administration (BMA), Iwould like to convey my best wishes
to HE.. M.r Baek Seong Hyeon, the Mayor, administrators, and
officials as wel as citizens of Nonsan City, the Republic of Korea.

Nonsan is a city with a long history and rapid development, and also
the hub of the country’s high-technology farming.

Nonsan has been famous for
various kinds of agricultural products, especially good-quality strawberries. So, it si
my great honor and pleasure to know that Bangkok was selected as the world’s
first city to organize this historic international event under the name “2024
NONSAN STRAWBERRY ni Bangkok”. The strawberry festival which has continuously
been organized ni Nonsan for the past 27 years will, undoubtedly, be successful
and gain a lot of popularity among visitors here in Bangkok. This festival includes
various interesting activities like product displays, exhibitions, live performances,
cultural shows, and so on. Therefore, Iam confident that this 5-day event wil be
a perfect time for all visitors to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an opportunity to
enjoy fresh and delicious strawberries and try a wide variety of strawberry
products from Nonsan City. This si not just a festival that can attract international
Again, may I extend my best wishes for the greatest success to its
objectives of this event as well as enjoyment to all visitors.

(Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt)
Governor of Bangkok